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How To Use Aadhaar Card With BHIM App To Send Money

Send Money Using Aadhaar Card number in BHIM App : Download Aadhar Payment Solution WIth BHIM App To send and receive using aadhaar Number only. Here is the complete guide you need to send and receive money using Aadhaar Payment application. Go ahead and see the whole tutorial over here in order to get the actual idea of it. You can use this technique anytime you want in order to send and receive Payments.

Use Aadhaar Card With BHIM App To Send Money

In order to make payments via Aadhaar, a user needs to tap on Send money, then on the three dots at the top of the menu. Options for Aadhaar Pay and Accounts + IFSC should open up. Tap on Aadhaar as the option, type in the number, then if it is linked to a bank account, you should be able to transfer the required amount.

How to send money using Aadhaar number from BHIM app

You can send money similarly but now you will get another option to send money using Aadhaar number instead of phone number or the VPA. The payment will be sent to recipient’s Aadhaar linked bank account even if he/she doesn’t have BHIM app installed or registered with UPI.

  • Login to your BHIM app
  • Tap on Send Money
  • Click on Over Flow Menu (3 dots on top right corner)
  • Select Aadhaar Pay
  • Enter Aadhaar number of the recipient
  • Now enter your pin & Confirm the transaction

As of now, two PINs are required for a successful BHIM transaction. One is the app PIN, which is stored locally on the phone and is required every time a person starts BHIM. The other is the UPI PIN with which you set up an UPI account or a VPA, and is required only when a transaction is taking place or you request to see your account balance on the BHIM app. To complete Aadhaar-based transactions, you will also need this UPI PIN. According to Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), over 92 per cent of India’s adult population (above 18 years) already has an Aadhaar card, and reports says over 390 million bank accounts are linked to this number. With the launch of biometric-based Aadhaar Pay, payments via BHIM app will become simpler as it will only require verifying biometrics, which are linked with Aadhaar.

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